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Steve Alford: New Mexico Has Given Me What Iowa Didn’t

Iowa just doesn’t rank with the rest of the Big Ten when it comes to men’s basketball facilities and niceties.

Is that a statement of fact? It’s quite possible. But does Steve Alford need to say it now that he’s in New Mexico instead of Iowa? That’s arguable.

Alford doesn’t go around ripping Iowa. But when he’s asked about how fabulous everything is in Albuquerque for him, he uses Iowa as a reference point. He did so again in a new ESPN.com interview with his pal, Andy Katz.

“The last couple of years at Iowa, it didn’t matter how hard I worked,” said Alford. “We were going up against [Big Ten teams] that had more bullets in their gun.”

“I want to be here,” Alford said. “It’s got everything I’ve ever wanted. … But I couldn’t get it [at Iowa]. And if you don’t have it, then it’s not good enough to compete with Indiana, Ohio State and Michigan State year in and year out if your facilities aren’t as good, if not better.”

Oh brother. Is he telling us that he didn’t recruit a single player who was drafted by an NBA team in his 8-year Iowa tenure because of the program’s facilities? 

Was it just the facilities as the explanation why Alford left his Iowa successor, Todd Lickliter, without more than a couple of players who would be starters at any other Big Ten program other than maybe Northwestern? It seems unlikely.

Is this beating a dead horse? Of course. But when a former Iowa coach says such things about the school and its facilities, it’s news. Here’s the link to the ESPN story:



Alford: I Was Duped


Steve Alford, the University of New Mexico’s men’s basketball coach, is doing a tricky political dance in the Land of Enchantment these days.

Alford announced he will still attend a July 16th fundraiser for Republican congressional candidate Sheriff Darren White, but will not permit pictures of him to be taken with partygoers and sold for $1,000 each. The money was to have gone to White’s campaign war chest.

Alford, whom you may remember from his days as the University of Iowa’s men’s basketball coach, said he was duped into appearing at White’s party because it was “falsely advertised.”

“I explained to Darren that I don’t charge money for photographs, since I have always thought that it’s wrong for athletes to charge fans for autographs and photos,” Alford said in a statement.

Gotta love those prepared statements.

“I don’t endorse political candidates,” Alford said. “However, I am a man of my word and plan to attend the event.”

Not that attending would constitute an endorsement. Especially when you’ve let the people of White’s Congressional district know you’re attending.

For the whole story: