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Larry Eustachy Compares Himself to AIG – But Makes an Un-AIG Move

Larry Eustachy, trying to earn his salary

Larry Eustachy, trying to earn his salary

It hasn’t been an altogether-successful ride for Larry Eustachy as the men’s basketball coach at Southern Mississippi, but the folks in Hattiesburg can’t say Eustachy is tone-deaf.


While Connecticut’s Jim Calhoun defiantly said “Not a dime back” when asked if he’d peel off any of the king’s ransom of a salary he makes to give it back to his cash-strapped state, Eustachy is refusing a $25,000 bonus owed to him because of an attendance incentive in his contract. Continue reading


Iowa State Football Taketh, Now It May Giveth Away … and News and Views on Two Ex-Cyclones

ISU assistant football coach Chris Ash: filling a South Florida void that a co-worker caused?

ISU assistant football coach Chris Ash: filling a South Florida void that a co-worker caused?


Last week, Iowa State plucked defensive coordinator Wally Burnham from the winning South Florida program to take the same job for Paul Rhoads’ ISU football team.

Now comes this item from Brett McMurphy, who does a stellar job covering USF and other sports for the Tampa Tribune:

In ironies, of all ironies, the University of South Florida could be looking for its next defensive coordinator from the Big 12 and, you guessed it, Iowa State.

Nope, Wally Burnham is not returning to Tampa from Ames, Iowa, but Iowa State secondary coach Chris Ash has emerged as a distinct possibility. Rumblings throughout the coaching ranks indicate that Leavitt has been asking individuals for their opinions about the 35-year old Ash.

Ash could not be reached for comment.

Ash was hired at Iowa State in December after a two-year stint as secondary coach at San Diego State. Before that he was at Iowa State from 2000-2006, serving as ISU’s recruiting coordinator his final season. He worked with former USF defensive line coach Dan McCarney at Iowa State and went to San Diego State after McCarney was fired at ISU.

In Ash’s first stint at Iowa State, he recruited the Tampa Bay area and was instrumental in getting USF LB Tyrone McKenzie to ISU from Michigan State.

McMurphy’s complete blog item on the topic:  http://tinyurl.com/bp5bpf

Larry Eustachy: Winnings tough in Hattiesburg

Larry Eustachy: Winning's tough in Hattiesburg

Meanwhile, former Iowa State men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy hasn’t taken Southern Mississippi to anywhere special in his five years as USM’s coach. His record at the school is 74-76, not really comparable to his 101-59 mark over five years with the Cyclones.

Rick Cleveland of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger sounds none too optimistic about the way things are going.

Wrote Cleveland:

So here we are five years later, and the USM basketball record is 14-13, with three of those wins coming against NAIA competition. I tuned in to the Tulane game Tuesday night and saw entire sections of Reed Green Coliseum without a single butt in the seats.

Any initial boost in attendance from the coaching change has long since fizzled.

In many, many ways, USM is back to square one, only paying more for it – against lesser competition.

Cleveland’s column:  http://tinyurl.com/b5e5be

Something that’s a little more upbeat for Cyclone fans: Former ISU quarterback Sage Rosenfels is officially headed to the Minnesota Vikings in a trade from the Houston Texans.

Few Cyclone quarterbacks have been as good as Rosenfels. He’s a good guy, and here’s hoping he makes a really good impact for the Vikings.




McMurphy’s full blog item: http://tinyurl.com/bp5bp