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Will Zags Zap Zips, or Can Zips Zap Zags?

How many kangaroos are in Akron?

How many kangaroos are in Akron?


PORTLAND, Ore. — Getting my bearings in downtown Portland, which doesn’t roll up its sidewalk at 5 p.m.

Less than a block from my hotel, a line of people waited to get into Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall to attend a lecture from NPR “Weekend Edition Saturday” host Scott Simon.

Simon, according to The Oregonian newspaper, is an acclaimed author, appreciator of music and all-round gentleman of letters. Nice work if you can get it. Continue reading


In NCAA, Might Makes Right, Which is Wrong



Bad enough that the six BCS conferences have a stranglehold on college football. They’ve also somehow seen to it that they dominate the NCAA basketball tournament.

I don’t know what the mission of the NCAA tournament selection committee may be, but the criteria obviously tips things in favor of the power conferences.

Look, if you live in the Midwest you cannot tell me the Big Ten deserves seven teams in the NCAAs. Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are all in the tournament? Hooray for mediocrity!

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