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Tom Arnold Fires Back: He’s 100 Percent Hawkeye

It turns out Tom Arnold had a good reason for attending a University of Alabama football practice last week. His girlfriend attended the school.

The Hlog had fun with Tom going “Benedict Arnold” on his beloved Iowa Hawkeyes by visiting the practice of another team, but Arnold wants no one assuming his loyalty has shifted. Here is his reply to the Hlog, verbatim:

Okay, slam my work BUT NEVER question my Hawk Loyalty..my G-Friend went to Bama..she’s got a place there, Nick Saban used to coach in the Big 10..so I took my godson, his mom and sisters to a closed practice with the AD to watch and say hello to Nick. (I did remind him of the Capital One Bowl a few years back and he’s a great guys so..:) My godson, who’s the best 8 year old quarterback in Brentwood California, is being forced to go to Alabama (unless he gets into Harvard) by is mother. Of course I’ve pitched Iowa City but as you all know, with women, you’ve got to pick your battles and since he’s only 8..well…and while I’m here, where’s the Hawk Loyalty for OUR COACH??? He could’ve dumped us years ago..could’ve been head coach of the NY Giants, World Champs, but no, he’s loyal, so let’s try to stay off the man’s butt…we’re better than that. Tom