POLL on Brent Metcalf’s Post-Match Actions

The YouTube videos are on the post immediately below this one.


5 responses to “POLL on Brent Metcalf’s Post-Match Actions

  1. nearly 40% of Metcalk fans approve of his actions.

    How lame

  2. What I can not figure out is why the referee does not call for stalling, you can clearly see the clock has time on it.

  3. I expect it’s because the stalling warning would have been meaningless at that point. No points would have been awarded.

  4. I think that is the last match that Brent Metcalf will ever lose at Iowa. His opponent started dancing around w/ 5 seconds left on the clock, which isn’t any different than a hitter standing at home plate for a few seconds after hitting a home run…There is ALWAYS retaliation for that, so there is nothing wrong w/ Metcalf’s actions. I hope he tears the hell out of the entire country next year. Good luck, Brent.

  5. He should have gone for his knees like goofer linemen routinely do.

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