Iowa’s Brent Metcalf Doesn’t Surrender NCAA Title Without One Last Shot

Look, I got this from YouTube. If Disney or whoever owns ESPN these days says it can’t be used, strike it from YouTube. Do not sue the Hlog, Corporate Monolith.

That said, this is from the end of the NCAA Wrestling Championships’ 149-pound final, won by North Carolina State’s Darrion Caldwell over Iowa’s Brent Metcalf, a 2008 national-titlist who had owned a 69-match winning streak.

Cheap shot? Metcalf and his coach, Tom Brands, insisted afterward that time still remained on the clock and Metcalf was still wrestling. Caldwell did appear to start his victory celebration a bit early with a couple seconds before :00.

Metcalf caught up with him and knocked him from mid-air two or three seconds after the clock struck :00, but his pursuit began when a second or two remained on the clock?

Metcalf said had he been going for a postmatch shot at Caldwell, he’d have knocked him off the platform.

Click here to see and hear Metcalf’s post-match interview. Many athletes wouldn’t have faced the music afterward.

None of it ultimately matters. Caldwell, thankfully, wasn’t hurt. And he was the NCAA champ after clearly outwrestling the Hawkeye in a stunning development.

You don’t get this stuff in the NCAA basketball tourney, folks. At least not the men’s tourney.

Here’s the long-form YouTube video. The controversial moment comes at around the 4-minute mark.


6 responses to “Iowa’s Brent Metcalf Doesn’t Surrender NCAA Title Without One Last Shot

  1. typical thug-like response from an Iowa wrestler

  2. Iowa is still NUMBER ONE!!!

  3. Why wasn’t the opponent called for stalling first?
    Second, whatever happen to the unsportsdmanlike call for taunting while the match is going on?

  4. Caldwell admitted he began celebrating too early. He also noted he probably would have done something similar if he were Metcalf.

  5. herman feckenfelder

    good ol darrion should have been disqualified for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct, thus by default Brent is STILL national champ and ol darrion is national CHUMP, need I remind folks “when you lose say nothing, when you win say even less ” good ol darrion made a complete fiasco of the nobility of what it is to be national champion both de facto AND de juror

  6. Wow his back spasms went away pretty quickly there at the end.
    I think the referee should have called him for stalling; running away like that before clearly time was out.

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