Dunk of the Decade, End of Another Alford NIT Run

You may have seen this on one of the ESPNs. If you frequent www.marchtomadness.com, you’ve probably already seen it.

This is a Wyoming player taking dunking to a new level. You decide if the level is higher or lower.

Wyoming lost this College Basketball Invitational Game to Northeastern. That was after Wyoming beat Steve Alford’s New Mexico team in the first round of the Mountain West Conference tournament, relegating New Mexico to the NIT.

Notre Dame ousted New Mexico 70-68 Thursday night in the NIT’s second round. No word yet if an Irish player had a crazy dunk in that game.

New Mexico trailed, 29-15 in the first half and 34-24 at halftime.

“We were right there and we just couldn’t finish it,” Alford said. “We didn’t come out and compete (in the first half) like we normally do. It’s like they punched us first and had us on our heels. But we came out of the locker room and played Lobo basketball.”

I love the NIT, but not as much as I love the College Basketball Invitational. Where else do you get dunks like the Wyoming kid’s?


No, not this CBI

No, not this CBI

Speaking of the CBI, while leaving Waterloo Municipal Airport late Thursday night after landing with the UNI men’s basketball team’s traveling party, I heard two people discussing if there were any Missouri Valley Conference teams still playing.

“Wichita State won. They’re in the CBI,” one of the two people said.

“Does that even count?” replied the other.

It counts in the state I just left, Oregon. Despite being 13-17, Oregon State was invited into the CBI. Probably because Craig Robinson, the Beavers’ coach, is President Obama’s brother-in-law.

Oregon State opened with a home game against 21-11 Houston. The Beavers won a doozy, 49-45. Which is the same score Purdue defeated Iowa by a few weeks ago.

Has all of college basketball gone daft?


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  1. That’s hard.

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