UNI 250-to-1 to Win NCAAs? That’s Not Even Half a Googolplex

The movie that spawned a Phil Collins song - unfortunately

The movie that spawned a Phil Collins song - unfortunately

So, would you be willing to put $10 on Northern Iowa to win $2,500?

To win the entire NCAA men’s basketball tournament, that is, not just to defeat Purdue Thursday afternoon in the first-round.

According to our good friends at www.themarchtomadness.com, the Panthers are 250-1 to win the whole shooting match. No team seeded 12th or lower – UNI is a No. 12 – has ever reached the Final Four.

The lowest-seeds to reach Final Fours were Missouri (1986) and George Mason (2006), both 11s. Villanova, at No. 8, is the lowest-seeded team to win a national title.

This is called trivia, folks.

Danny Sheridan has been setting odds for USA Today since that paper went into business, it seems. As time went by, he realized that the crazier he made some odds, the more attention he drew to himself.

This year, he has outdone himself. Among his odds for the NCAAs:

No. 16 seed Chattanooga (18-16) 1 googolplex-to-1

No. 16 seed Radford (21-11): 1 googol-to-1

No. 16 seed E. Tennessee St. (23-10): 1 septillion-to-1

No. 16 seed Morehead State (20-15):  1 trillion-to-1.

No. 15 seed Cal State Northridge (17-13): 500 billion-to-1

I didn’t get as far as UNI because I stampeded to Sheridan’s place to put 10 bucks on Northridge. Who wouldn’t want to win $5,000,000,000,000?

If I do win, I’ll cover the U.S. government’s stimulus package if it promised not to tax me for my winnings. That’s assuming Sheridan pays me my five trillion in one lump sum.

Why not bet on a real longshot like Chattanooga? Hey, I only wager  in billions and trillions. Once you get into septillions you’re talking about some real money.

A googolplex, by the way, is a one followed by a hundred zeroes.

As someone at www.radiodailynews.com pointed out, that’s roughly the same number of zeroes as seen at a Star Trek convention.

Which is silly. Star Trek Conventions have lots more … never mind.

Let’s go, Chattanooga! Baby needs new shoes.


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