Time After Time, It’s Overtime

Something very strange has been happening to me lately. Nothing seems to end when it should.

This began a week ago Saturday when the Iowa men’s basketball team defeated Penn State in double-overtime. After I filed my column from that game in Iowa City, I drove to St. Louis, where Northern Iowa would play Illinois State the next day in the Missouri Valley Conference final.

On the way down while tooling around the dial on my trusty XM Satellite Radio, I saw the Ohio Valley Conference title game was winding down. Austin Peay and Morehead State.

Why would I listen to such a thing? Because it was a conference title game, that’s why. An NCAA berth was on the line.

I thought I would be listening for a few minutes. It was more like the better part of an hour. Morehead State finally prevailed, in double-overtime.

I didn’t know a player on either team, but I couldn’t change the channel. Could you?

The next day, UNI beat Illinois State. In overtime.

We move four days forward. I went to Indianapolis for the Big Ten men’s basketball tourney. Michigan’s win over Iowa obviously didn’t go into overtime. It was the furthest thing from a thriller, in fact.

But during the Gazetteonline.com live blog at the game, which I co-hosted, we got reports from back in Iowa on how Solon was doing in its Class 2A state semifinal against Western Christian.

We were told Solon had gone to double-overtime with Western Christian in a Class 2A state semifinal. Solon won.

Then that night I drove back to Iowa from Indy with fellow Gazette sportswriter Scott Dochterman, and things really got peculiar as we reached the final couple hours of the long, flat ride.

Thanks to XM, I dialed up the Big East quarterfinal between Syracuse and Connecticut. Just as we pulled off I-74 to hit a gas station in Woodhull, Ill., between Galesburg and the Quad Cities.

Just before we gassed up, the officials had waved off a 3-point Syracuse basket that would have been the game-winner in regulation. The game went to OT.

As I dropped Doctherman off at his North Liberty home, the game’s sixth overtime was winding up and Syracuse was bolting down a win in one of the craziest games in modern sports history.

The sixth overtime was the charm (AP photo)

The sixth overtime was the charm (AP photo)

That was 100 miles, exactly, and an hour-and-a-half of overtime.

I’m writing this late on Saturday night (early Sunday morning, actually). I made the mistake of watching the conclusion of the Pacific-Cal Northridge battle for the Big West Conference title.

You know where this is going. It went overtime. Mercifully, just one overtime, as the Matadors of Northridge were victorious.

Add all those overtimes, and you get 14. In eight days. That’s kind of unusual, don’t you think?


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