You Spend Too Much Time Working – Goof Off Today at Our Live Blog from the Big Ten Tournament

The Hlog tries to make your life better, and you know it. Today, we invite you to join a live blog from the Iowa-Michigan game at the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament in Indianapolis.

We’ll comment. You’ll comment. We’ll be working. You’ll be … at work.

You can’t see the Hawkeyes tangle with the Wolverines from Conseco Fieldhouse? It’s OK. Gazette sportswriter Scott Doctherman and I, your faithful servant who manages this site, will put you inside the arena. Or at least in the arena’s parking ramp.

Look, this could be Iowa’s last game of the season. Do you want to spend it alone in your cubicle, or with many of the best friends you’ll ever have who you’ve never met? Talk about a no-brainer.

We’ll fire up the live blog at around 1:15 p.m., Iowa time. So make sure you’ve used your entire lunch hour for lunch. Then use work time to follow the game.

What’s the worst that can happen, you’re non-productive for two hours and the whole national economy tanks?


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