Steve Alford: Coach of the Year

A champion once more

A champion once more

Steve Alford is the men’s basketball Coach of the Year  in the Mountain West Conference.

Alford got his first regular-season Division I conference title as a coach Saturday when his New Mexico team earned a share of the MWC title with BYU and Utah with its win at Wyoming.

Monday, he got his first D-I conference Coach of the Year honor. New Mexico, a so-called basketball school, hadn’t won a regular-season league-title since 1994.

From this article:

Alford’s two Lobos teams have won 14 road games. New Mexico won a total of 14 road games over the previous seven seasons.

Now it’s on to the MWC tourney in Las Vegas and another game against Wyoming.  It feels like time for a poll.


8 responses to “Steve Alford: Coach of the Year

  1. He’s still a [insert your favorite noun here].

    Hope he is happy in the Land of the Lost.

  2. I would still see the Hawks in any game being officiated by Ed Hightower, or Jim Bain for that matter, than a Hawkeye team coached by Stevie wonderboy.

  3. Steve Alford’s success does not surprise me. He steadily upgraded his staff during his tenure at Iowa.
    That 2005-6 team has to be one of the top Iowa teams of all time (top 5? top 10?); with a bunch of homegrown Iowa kids! (Pop quiz: What was the year and coach the last time before 2005 tbat Iowa ran the table at home?)
    Think about the current Iowa players that were Alford’s recruits. Think about the 06-07 freshman of the year who left presumably because of the coaching change. And the other commited recruits who decommited after the coaching change. Check out Darese Gary’s stats this year at New Mexico.
    And finally, for those of you who are certain that Steve was a (favorite noun); did you see tbis behavior with your own eyes? Or was this second hand, third hand, etc. reporting?
    I heard a lot of the same stories that went around. But I never met anyone who witnessed this sort of thing first hand. I felt ashamed to be an Iowa fan when all that stuff was going around.
    I really like Coach Lickliter. And I really liked the coach before him. And the coach before him.
    And finally, let’s look for the bright side of life, and Go Hawks!

  4. “Current players who were Alford recruits” So…JR Angle and Cyrus Tate? Also, Smith left because his dad was dying and wasn’t the freshman of the year (there was that Oden fellow who was sorta good).

    Alford had a couple nice seasons, but he still never came even close to living up to the standard set by Tom Davis, the man he replaced so that the program could go to the “next level” and he left the program in shambles. He deserves all the hate he gets.

  5. Jeff Peterson, Matt Gatens, and Jake Kelly were all Alford recruits. All pretty solid players.

  6. Peterson didn’t sign until after Alford left. Gatens, Cole, and Kelly all had to be re-recruited by Lickliter (though Gatens was going to Iowa regardless of who the coach was), and Alford tried hard to get the last two to follow him to New Mexico like Gary did. If Alford was the only reason they signed they wouldn’t all still be Hawkeyes.

  7. Stevey Boy, you should follow the same advice that Senator Chuck Grassley gave to AIG executives.

    -Bitter Iowa Fan

  8. Lobos looked great against Notre Dame, I actually believe that New Mexico was the better team, to bad they got out couched. Better luck next year Steve!!!

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