CNBC Dares to Challenge the Hlog

Darren Rovell: Northwestern graduate

Darren Rovell: Northwestern graduate

Darren Rovell of CNBC is a smart guy, one I feel I always learn something from when I hear or read his work.

But Darren has challenged a premise put forth in the Hlog recently, and we all know what happens when you cross the Jungle’s karma. Oh wait, that’s Jim Rome’s shtick. Forget I ever mentioned it.

Rovell suggests my opinion that Iowa’s football program should have made its 2009 home game against Northwestern its “premium game” instead of the one against Michigan is flawed.

My original post on this matter:

Rovell’s rebuttal:

We understand the point, but also understand that this is likely an economic decision based on projected supply and demand. Michigan might have had its worst record in its history, but it still has more fans than Northwestern. The game is also homecoming, which always counts for something.

The link to Rovell’s essay:

Rovell is, of course, right. More people want to see a Michigan team coming off a 3-9 season than a Northwestern club coming off a 9-4 year.

But that doesn’t mean the Hlog can’t stir the already-turbulent water between Northwestern and Iowa fans by manufacturing a tempest in a teapot.

And, just because more people would rather see Michigan than Northwestern doesn’t make it right. Ozzie Davis’ character Da Mayor said it best for all of us many years ago in Spike Lee’s movie “Do The Right Thing.”:

Always do the right thing.


3 responses to “CNBC Dares to Challenge the Hlog

  1. HeySpike, Whatau Like

    Spike also talks about how the man holds his people down, how the underprivileged get a raw deal in this world and it’s other people’s fault, and then he takes truckloads of cash from Nike to appear in their advertisements. I’m not sure he’s the best guy to quote when you want to take your stand.

  2. HeySpike, Whatau Like,

    The way you described Spike Lee is exactly the same way you can describe the NCAA. He’s a suitable quote. Point, Hlas.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to put my smiley face at the end of the previous post. 🙂

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