Let’s All Wish Tom Arnold a Happy 50th Birthday

Hes 50

He's 50

Tom Arnold celebrates his 50th birthday Friday.

Born in Eldon, Iowa, Tom has been a stand-up comedian, comic actor, and even a dramatic actor. He has over 100 acting credits.

He also spent several years as the host of Fox Sports’ “Best Damn Sports Show Period.”

Through it all, he has never forgotten Iowa. To the contrary, in fact. He touts it just about wherever he goes, especially during his many appearances on morning and late-night talk shows.

When his schedule has allowed it, Tom has come back to Iowa for Hawkeye football games, and he’s been to Hawkeye bowl games. He has been a fierce backer of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz, never more so than in the leaner years of 2006 and 2007.

Now the man is about to be 50. The Hlog extends sincerest wishes for an enjoyable birthday, and encourages you good readers to tack on a birthday greeting of your own here.

(Thanks to the fine folks at www.midwestauction.com for the head’s up on Tom’s birthdate.)


10 responses to “Let’s All Wish Tom Arnold a Happy 50th Birthday

  1. bucketochicken

    Dude… happy birthday! Of all the reasonably famous Hawkeye fans whose name rhymes with “Blom Blarnold,” you’re by far my favorite.
    Seriously though, we love ya man, and we’re proud to call you a Hawkeye fan.
    Thanks for all the laughs and for carrying Ahnuld’s ass in “True Lies.” The governator owes you, big-time.

    Happy 50th, and GO HAWKS!!

    – Todd from Chicago (by way of Vinton)

  2. I can’t decide if that’s the worst or the best photoshop ever.

    Happy Birthday Tom! Your age has almost exceeded the margin of victory in Iowa’s last game at the Metrodome.

  3. Happy birthday, Tom!

  4. Happy birthday, Tom. My sister fondly recalls your days as a house boy at Delta Delta Delta. Well, the parts she can remember at least.

  5. Happy birthday, Tom! I always loved “The Stupids” way more than a reasonable man ought to, and I’m not making that up.

  6. I think Tom was actually born in Ottumwa…not Eldon. He’s like our lone famous resident, so we tend to keep track of them.

  7. He grew up in Ottumwa, but the sources I’ve seen (no, not Wikipedia) say he was born in nearby Eldon.

    Everyone wants to claim him, that’s for sure.

  8. Thank you, all..yes I will officially be old in 80 minutes L.A. time..yikes….I was born in Ottumwa (or so my dad claims) and look forward to Ragbrai this summer which stops there, first time in 10 years and then a couple benefits in C.R. (Boys and Girls Club..and Eastern Iowa Child Abuse Ass.) and possibly a casino but definitely friends and fam..thanks again Mike and everyone else for the kind wishes (plug) me and my heart camp kids are on “ER” March 26th (the next to last episode), CMT’s “My Big Redneck Wedding, Season 3” plays 30 times a day:) and I have a little part in “The Great Buck Howard”, a Tom Hanks Film Mar 20 and there more of this and that but It means alot to hear from folks back home. L,Tom Arnold

  9. Happy birthday, Tom! Your great walk across Iowa was the first of many accomplishments. To Hlastradamus, if you are born in the Ottumwa hospital, but taken home to Eldon afterwards, which town are you from (born in)?
    For example, Cal Eldred’s bio says he was born in Cedar Rapids, but he is from Urbana.
    I was born at St. Luke’s in CR, but I was taken home from there to Marion.
    Please, Hlastradamus, set me straight.

  10. Tell Arnold to pop down to Casa Vega and we will properly celebrate his birthday.

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