Kurt Warner Remains an Arizona Cardinal

Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals coach, Ken Whisenhunt, had cheerier expressions today (AP photo)

Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals coach, Ken Whisenhunt, had cheerier expressions today (AP photo)

Well, that worked out just the way Kurt Warner wanted it.

And, I presume, the way the Arizona Cardinals wanted it.

The Cardinals and Warner did a deal Wednesday. The 38-year-old QB by way of Cedar Rapids has agreed to two y ears for $23 million, with a whopping $19 million guaranteed.

That was the basic offer Warner put to Arizona, and the team accepted. His signing bonus is $15 million, and his base salary will be $4 million a year.

Everybody’s happy, except the San Francisco 49ers, who wasted their time hosting Warner last weekend. But that’s sports. Had Arizona been deaf to Warner’s proposal, the Niners would have been in prime position to latch onto him.

Now, the Cardinals have to make wide receiver Anquan Boldin happy. Boldin is under contract for two more years (this is an edit, I originally mistakenly said he was a free agent), but wants an extension.

If the quartet of Warner and receivers Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston stay together, the Cardinals’ offense will be must-see TV for another year or two.

Boldin is a must in my mind. He’s a tough, talented ball-catcher. Without him, defenses can key on Fitzgerald a lot more. And, as George Costanza once screamed, the whole system is breaking down.

Pop culture references (even those that are 15 years old) … I hate ’em.

Anyway, the first time Warner quarterbacked the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl, it was followed by a lot more winning over the next two years. Do you see the same scenario playing out in the Arizona desert with the Cardinals?

NFL teams — and I’ll bet this is the first time anyone ever used this analogy with pro football clubs — are delicate flowers. Super Bowl losers seem to have a knack for fading away quickly.

So here’s one of those dandy little polls to gauge your feelings on the matter:


2 responses to “Kurt Warner Remains an Arizona Cardinal

  1. While I don’t think the Cards will return to the SB in the next couple of years, considering the continuing weakness in that division, they should be able to make a strong run at the playoffs.
    It’s hard to think of them as a playoff team, though. Much one that can make it several years in a row.

  2. Boldin is under contract for the next two years. A lot of guys pout and don’t produce if a new deal isn’t done, but Boldin was upset last year and still produced. He seems to clearly separate on the field issues and off the field issues. The talk down here (I’m in Phoenix) is that the Cardinals want to officially adopt the Steeler mantra that no deals are re-worked until a player is in the last year of a contract. We’ll see how that works with Boldin. All that said, IF they at least secure other key players on defense and find a good replacement for Edgerrin James, who is likely gone, the Cardinals SHOULD be a playoff team IF Warner stays upright for another full year. Just remember, “Consistent playoff contender” and “Cardinals” have never been uttered in the same sentence before.

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