Hawkeye’s OWI Provides LOL for Some Web Sites

Teens: Make sure your bartender serves it straight-up

Teens: Make sure your bartender serves it straight-up

Iowa defensive back Shaun Prater’s citation for drunken driving early Saturday morning has provided fodder for some Internet sites devoted to sports.

Sportsbybrooks.com and fanhouse.com had their own slants on Prater’s arrest. Both were caused by this line in the Gazetteonline.com story on Prater’s arrest:

Prater told police his bartender “must have put alcohol in his Coca-Cola,” the report said.

The Gazette’s story:

This take at the venerable sportsbybrooks.com site was penned by one of the creators of just-as-venerable (and unsanctioned) Hawkeyes-related  site, blackheartgoldpants.com.

It suggests an undercover bartender from Minnesota is undoubtedly to blame, and that’s only where the accusations begin. Draw your own conclusions. The link:


At fanhouse.com — which now employs former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti — this was suggested:

Well, yes, Shaun, that’s what happens when you ask the bartender for a Jack and coke. He pours a shot or two into the bottom of a glass filled with ice, then fills the rest with Coca-Cola. Frankly, when this happens I accuse the bartender of spiking my whiskey.


I hesitated and hesitated some more before posting this. OWI’s aren’t funny, not in the slightest. But these people aren’t making light of the charge, they’re making fun of the excuse given. There is a difference.

Are these posts in poor taste and am I wrong to give them attention, or is 19-year-old Prater fair game for his remark? He has been suspended indefinitely by his coach, Kirk Ferentz, by the way.

What do you think?


6 responses to “Hawkeye’s OWI Provides LOL for Some Web Sites

  1. You are perfectly justified in mentioning this. As you rightly say, OWIs are not a joking matter, and the football team has had legal problems in the past couple of years for Prater to know full well that he was going to be suspended. The proper way for him to handle this would have been to admit to it and immediately apologize and accept the punishment. To come up with that weak of an excuse given the circumstances (i.e. .127 BAC) implies that he still wasn’t thinking straight when he came up with the excuse.
    And that is fair game for humor.

  2. Another reason for the University to switch to Pepsi. You don’t need to add alcohol. It tastes great on its own.

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  4. Perhaps Mr. Prater just thought those Cokes cost $3.75 because of inflation.

    It’s no secret that Jorge himself enjoys tipping back a dozen Jack and Cokes every now and then, so if anyone is qualified to comment here, it’s me.

    As you said, the excuse is the story. Had he owned the situation this gets a passing mention at best.

  5. herman feckenfelder

    well Coach Freerents recruited this young 19 year old fella, Coach Freerents is sure a swell fella, now Coach Freerents has to waste his valuable 3.1 million dollar a year time counselling this young fella one on one actually like he’s a human being can ya imagine the ignominy and humiliathion for Coach Freerents to actually be forced to do this, or will he delegate this important duty off to some other poor unsuspecting swill

  6. The kid was scared, he said something stupid.

    Adam pretty much said it all.

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