Zach vs. Mickelson in Round 2?

Sunday at the 2007 Masters, 06 winner Phil Mickelson and 07 champ Zach Johnson (AP photo)

Sunday at the 2007 Masters, '06 winner Phil Mickelson and '07 champ Zach Johnson (AP photo)


Oh, wouldn’t golf fans in Cedar Rapids and across Iowa have some spice in their Thursday afternoon if things work out today (Wednesday).

If Phil Mickelson and Zach Johnson win their opening-round matches in the Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson, they’ll meet Thursday in the Round of 32.

The world — at least the fraction of the world that cares — would love a Mickelson-Tiger Woods semifinal on Saturday. Iowa would prefer its best golf product, Mr. Johnson, dispose of Lefty tomorrow.

The snag is that Johnson has to defeat Graeme McDowell today, and Mickelson has to do likewise against 2007 U.S. Open champion Angel Cabrera.

Both were doing their best as of 11 a.m., Iowa time. Mickelson was 2-up on Cabrera through five holes. Johnson was 1-up on McDowell through four, having birdied three of those holes.

McDowell matched Johnson’s birdies on the first two, but couldn’t counter on No. 4.

Lots of holes left. To watch updates for the entire bracket, including Tiger Woods’ return to competitive golf, go to

I’ll update the Hlog this afternoon after Johnson’s round is over.


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