Slivers About Hawkeyes At the NFL Combine

No, not this kind of combine

No, not this kind of combine

Mitch King to fullback in the NFL?

OK, this is the only place I’ve seen or heard this so far about the Iowa defensive tackle at this weekend’s NFL Scouting Combine. it needs more verification than this excerpt from

FYI, Mitch King has also been asked to work out as a FB here

When King is mentioned as a defensive tackle now, some form of the term “undersized” often is used. This is from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is not a big fan of Georgia Tech defensive end Michael Johnson.

“He’s 6-7, 260. He’s going to run like a wide receiver. He’s going to jump like a running back,” Mayock said. “Everybody is going to fall in love with him. But there is way too much bad [game] tape of him for me to even like him a little bit. I don’t like him at all.”

“If you take that little nose tackle at Iowa, Mitch King, and put his heart in Michael Johnson’s body, you’d have a Hall of Fame player,” Mayock said. “I just think Michael Johnson is so talented, but he’s wasting it.”

Mayock was also quoted in a story about running backs. I’m guessing very few actual NFL team executives speak on the record at this thing, so NFL Network folks fill in the gaps. Based on the decreased number of media members at this year’s Super Bowl (I got in the main press box for the game for the first time in my four Super Bowls.), the NFL Network and ESPN will be all the media covering the game in a few years.

Anyway, the item — — on the running backs:

The NFL people know Knowshon

The NFL people know Knowshon

Pitt’s LeSean McCoy and Iowa’s Shonn Greene have first-round potential, but Wells (Ohio State) and Moreno (Georgia) are the first names mentioned when you ask most scouts to rate the backs. Both Moreno and Wells are entering the draft as underclassmen, and they have very different styles. Wells (6-1, 235 pounds) runs with more power while Moreno (5-10, 217) is more elusive and has superior pass-catching ability.

“Moreno is my No. 1 tailback,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said. “His lateral quickness and explosion are amazing. I’ve never seen a guy in the last 10 years who finishes every run the way he does: dropping the shoulder, not running out of bounds. I love the kid’s toughness.”

I’m pandering to the Iowa folks on this, maybe, but doesn’t that also describe Greene to a ‘G.”

And for a good, fresh story on offensive lineman Seth Olsen, another Hawkeye at the Combine, check out this effort by the Daily Iowan’s Amie Kiehn:


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