The Biggest Game in Town

In this year alone, I’ve covererd the Outback Bowl, the NFC title game, and the Super Bowl.

Boiled down, games is all they were.

Tonight (Tuesday) I’m in a stuffed high school gym to see the boys’ basketball teams of Linn-Mar and host Cedar Rapids Kennedy.

The difference between this event and the three others I listed? Well, the atmosphere here may be more intense.

OK, take away the NFC title game since the Arizona Cardinals had the home crowd for that. But the Outback Bowl and Super Bowl, though they had considerable fan followings for the teams wearing black-and-yellow (all right, gold), didn’t have every fan in the venue fired up one way or the other.

Here, for an hour-and-a-half, all that mattered in the world to 2,100 people was a basketball game between two teams with a combined record of 37-1 coming in. The visiting students wore black. The home team’s students wore white. All hollered their heads off.

As good and as worthy as a hundred other activities are in high schools, nothing else but a rivalry ballgame produces this kind of excitement and these kinds of memories.

This was the biggest game and the biggest noise in Cedar Rapids-Marion Tuesday night. To know more about the game itself, check out later Tuesday night.


One response to “The Biggest Game in Town

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The single loudest event I have ever been to was the Kennedy Linn-Mar game two years or so ago at Linn-Mar. Nothing beats that atmosphere.

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