Hawkeyes Add Juco Defensive End

Joe Forgy, newest Hawkeye football player

Joe Forgy, newest Hawkeye football player

You can never have too much depth in the defensive line, eh?

Iowa just got a sophomore DE from Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls to agree to walk on to the Hawkeyes’ team this fall.

His name is Joe Forgy, he is 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, and he is an Iowa Falls native.

Forgy was an honorable mention Junior College All-America in 2008. He had 13 quarterback sacks in 11 games.

Interesting to me for some reason is that the sacks were for an average of nine yards per loss. That would indicate Forgy has some mobility, would it not?

From the scout.com piece at http://iowa.scout.com/a.z?s=8&p=2&c=839632:

“After signing day Iowa got in touch with me,”  Forgy told JCFootball.com recently. “They said with all of the losses on the defensive line that I could have a chance to earn a scholarship.

“They didn’t promise me anything and I know I have to work for it, but to have the chance to play for a Big 10 school and still be close to home, that really what was sold me on things.”

Sometimes it’s moves like this that put a program over the top. You get that one space filled in with a walk-on from a junior college who plays lights out for a year or two.

Forgy’s just a name right now and junior college ball isn’t the Big Ten. But … 13 sacks in a season at any level of ball … intriguing.


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