Pitchers and Catchers and Roiders Soon to Report

Mr. Baseball.

Mr. Baseball.

I get a kick out of people who get all hot for pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.

Yeah, grown men playing catch. That’s entertainment.

The revelation that Alex Rodriguez was a steroid-user outraged some. It delights me. It’s good to know that the ballplayer with the best chance of replacing steroid-user Barry Bonds as the all-time home run leader is a fellow ‘roider of the past.

Baseball has an all-time hits leader (Pete Rose) who isn’t in the Hall of Fame and an all-time home run leader who probably won’t be in four years when he becomes eligible.

That’s funny.

Over 100 players were outed as steroid users thanks to the Mitchell Report. Those were just the ones that were caught.

Where did all the 50-home run guys go? No one hit 50 last season. How could that be, when it was routine for several years? Brady Anderson did that, for crying out loud.

Sammy Sosa suddenly forgot how to speak English. Mark McGwire has become a ghost. Bonds sneered at everyone in anger as he broke McGwire’s record for single-season homers first, then Hank Aaron’s career mark.

Aaron never hit 50 homers in a year. You’d take one Hank Aaron over 50 Barry Bonds.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting. Thrilling. I hope A-Rod leads the majors in homers this year. Heck, I hope he hits 73.

That might motivate Bonds to make a comeback and try to hit 74. Why rule it out? Better baseball through chemistry, you know.


One response to “Pitchers and Catchers and Roiders Soon to Report

  1. I would not, in fact, take 1 Hank Aaron before 50 Barry Bonds. Bonds was a better player even before he started using steroids.

    Frankly, until I see something that convinces me that steroids actually improve performance in a significant manner (there’s a lot more to hitting a baseball a long ways than being strong), or in a way that wasn’t more of less completely balanced out by the fact that many of the opposing pitchers were also on steroids, I’m going to continue to not give a crap about them. Lots and lots of guys used them over a period of time that’s probably significantly larger than most sports writers want to acknowledge. Just like lots of guys (including Mays, Aaron, Mantle, etc) used amphetamines to give themselves a boost before games, or continue to use corticosteroids to play through pain that would otherwise sideline them (hello, Curt Schilling and his “heroic” bloody sock). It’s sports, guys are always looking for a edge, even if it might not actually work (bat corking, which actually reduces power slightly).

    It’s also kinda funny how people only care about PEDs in baseball. There’s almost certainly a ton of it going on in football (a sport where raw strength seems to be quite a bit more directly advantageous) as well, and probably has been for a very long time. Somehow though, people couldn’t care less about that. I don’t remember even a quarter as much outrage when Shawne Merriman tested positive. Hell, he was almost defensive player of the year THAT SEASON. I don’t get it.

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