The Hlog Belongs To You Today — Don’t Let Us Down

This is an experiment that is either doomed to utter failure or … or not, I guess.

But it’s Friday, and I’ve kind of hit the wall from spending a week at the Super Bowl insanity and coming home to deal with office … stuff.

So I’m taking the day off, and the Hlog is yours, all yours for the day.

What does that mean, if anything? Well, it means you have your say on anything. Anything.

Well, not anything. You’ve got to keep it clean, keep it fairly concise, and it has to sort of be coherent.

I’m not going to tell you what to write about. The fact Iowa and Iowa State are a combined 3-14 in men’s basketball conference play? Go ahead. The fact Northern Iowa is running away with the Missouri Valley regular-season title at 11-1? Go for it.

Do you care about Michael Phelps and his bong-smoking? Do you care about Pat Summitt winning 1,000 games? Joe Torre’s book? College football recruiting, the Cubs’ crazy trades, your kids’ 8-and-under wrestling tournaments?

Fire away.

Maybe you want to sound off about the economy, the crooked New York bankers, how February doesn’t feel like the shortest month even though it’s just that.

Maybe you want to talk about last night’s episode of “The Office ” (Creed had his way with Squeaky Fromme?) or “30 Rock.” Maybe you’re fed up with the City Council or your cable company or your kids or your parents. Maybe you want to pass out party invitations.

Go for it.

Look, approximately eight billion earthlings have blogs. But most average one visitor per day. Today, your opinions could reach thousands.

And if you’re good, and the right talent scout out there sees it? Oh, the possibilities!


6 responses to “The Hlog Belongs To You Today — Don’t Let Us Down

  1. The thing that keeps me going through February is knowing pitchers and catchers report later this month. That, and maybe a trip to Riverside for a craps game or a few hours at the poker table.

    Any Hawks fans think the basketball team can turn the corner versus Northwestern this weekend? Nah, didn’t think so.

  2. 1. Never thought I’d see the day when Iowa basketball would be such an insignificant blip on the winter landscape of this state.

    2. And I’ve heard nobody, I repeat nobody, talking about Northern Iowa while it’s riding roughshod over an extremely weak basketball conference.

    3. Guess we’re a football state

  3. Anybody else going to take up the $10 ticket offer? My family will be going to the Valentine’s Day game. Should be a good time, win or lose as we will actually have $ left over to afford ice cream cones. My 7 yeard old could care less if we win or lose he just wants to be at the game. We could use more of that attitude these days.
    How much patience should we afford Lick? One more season? Two more?

  4. TL should be given at least two more seasons — though without clear upgrades at the end of season 2, I’d say that’s enough. To be honest, I expected much larger strides this year. And with next year’s class coming in, I don’t know if next year will be much of an improvement either.

    The team lacks any sort of athleticism. Which means no shots in crunch time against a stellar defense. And, the team lacks toughness. We get beat to so many rebounds, so many loose balls…it’s sad. I’m hopeful TL turns it around, but my hopes aren’t up right now.

  5. Wrestling is a real man’s sport, Neu-Castles. Basketball, smashtical. TL is doing a fine job though and Barta should give him an extension now.

    LT should also get an extension although the Chargers are dangerously close to imploding. Seriously, there is NO excuse for a mutli-million dollar athlete to be getting a DUI. It’s called a limo service.

    The Padres are just disgusting….how sad is it when Cliff Floyd will be the most exciting transaction your team publicizes all year.

    I love the DVR. I just returned from a 5-day trip to a new episode of Big Love, 2 new episodes of The Office and 5 new episodes of High Stakes Poker….which is way better than Poker After Dark.

    Arlen Spechter should get off his stimulus high horse and get back to figuring out how much the Patriots cheated.

  6. Creed is in fact one of my favorite characters on any television show in recent years. He only gets two or three lines a show, but they are usually baffling, outrageous, and hilarious. Maybe a little (and I’m dating myself here) like Larry, Darrell, and his other brother Darrell.

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