SUPER BOWL JOURNAL: Warner for Secretary of State?

A Warner follower and then some

Norman Chad: A Warner follower and then some

Norman Chad is a funny writer.

OK, let’s alter that: Norman Chad writes funny stuff.

Ah, either one is right. And he’s fun to listen to on World Series of Poker telecasts on ESPN.

In his syndicated column this week, Chad predicts an Arizona Cardinals win in the Super Bowl. He predicted the Cardinals would get here before the 2008 season began.

He probably wasn’t serious, but so what?

In this week’s column:, Chad tells us what he thinks about the Cardinals and their quarterback. Here’s an excerpt:

I first saw Kurt Warner in 1999 and correctly identified him as a dome-dwelling, touchdown-tossing alien UFO. This is how much I believe in Kurt Warner: You want to fix the economy? Make Warner secretary of the treasury. You want world peace? Make Warner secretary of state. You want to walk on water? Make Warner cross the Mississippi after hopping on his back.

As for Warner himself, he was among a handful of Arizona players interviewed at the Cardinals’ team hotel Monday. Here’s what he said about his fan base in Iowa, and how important it is to him:

“My whole family is still back in Iowa. I love the people in Iowa, they have supported me from day one and it’s been kind of fun from that standpoint. Even though I didn’t necessarily play in Iowa, especially professionally other than arena football, I have a lot of fans there. It’s fun to go back. It’s fun to have something for them to cheer for. They don’t have a professional football team so I hope that wherever I go, they adopt my team and so we pick up some fans along the way. It always means a lot when you can impact a community in any way, shape, or form. For me to be able to do that over the years and have that interaction with the people there has been tremendous.”


2 responses to “SUPER BOWL JOURNAL: Warner for Secretary of State?

  1. OK. Non-football observation: I don’t think there’s anyone in U.S. who looks better in that unshaved look than Kurt Warner. There. It had to be said.

  2. I agree with you Mary. Has to be said haha.

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