Which “Lost” Will You Watch Tonight?


The season-premiere of  “Lost” is tonight (Wednesday) on ABC.

The Big Ten Network is offering counter-programming with the Wisconsin-Iowa men’s basketball game.

The Hawkeyes, who have lost their last three games, are no longer the NIT candidates they seemed to be a few weeks ago. Big Man (Cyrus) Tate is injured and not available for duty. Now, freshman sharpshooter Anthony Tucker is academically ineligible for the rest of the season.

If you’re expecting David Palmer to match the 19 points he scored at Purdue Sunday, you may be expecting too much.

These are trying times in Iowa City. After tonight’s game comes a trip to Penn State, a home game against conference-unbeaten Michigan State, and a game at Illinois on Super Bowl Sunday.

If the Hawks don’t win tonight, they could easily be facing a 7-game losing streak when they venture to woeful Indiana on Feb. 4.

“Lost,” indeed.


2 responses to “Which “Lost” Will You Watch Tonight?

  1. It looks like Iowa “Won.”

    (and if they hadn’t I was totally linking this)

  2. FAIL

    Sorry Mike, had to Fail your post here. I can’t say I didn’t feel the same way walking into Carver tonight, though.

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