Leftovers from Arizona’s NFC Title Win


Arizona Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt told reporters that quarterback Kurt Warner now has to get a dog for his family.

I thought Whisenhunt was making a clever twist on Barack Obama having promised a puppy for his two daughters if he got elected president. But Warner’s family does want a dog, despite the man of the house’s will.

“Ssssssh,” Warner said. “I never said that (he was getting his kids a dog). My wife said that.

“I don’t want to have any part of it because I know I’ll end up doing most of the work.”


Rookie defensive end Ken Iwebema of the University of Iowa played in 13 regular-seasons games and has played in all three playoff games for the Cardinals, though almot entirely on special teams.

I briefly met up with Iwebema in the NFC champions’ dressing room after the Cardinals’ 32-25 win over Philadelphia. Iwebema asked me if Iowa running back Shonn Greene would be a first-round draft pick.

I said I’m hearing late first, early second round, but that Greene’s a smart player.

“He had, what, 13 straight games of 100 yards,” Iwebema asked. “You better believe he’s smart. He has to go in the first round.”


Warner’s career postseason record in the NFL is 8-2. He has passed for 2,991 yards and 23 touchdowns in those games.

That, coupled with three Super Bowl trips, says he’ll be going to Canton, Ohio for a Hall of Fame enshrinement in the next decade.


Iowa’s men’s basketball team had 12 first-half turnovers in its loss at Purdue Sunday.

It wasn’t a big deal here in Phoenix. Is it a big deal back in Iowa?


So Warner wins an NFC title and Zach Johnson won the PGA Tour’s Sony Open within hours of each other. Nice day for Cedar Rapids Regis grads.

I went to Cedar Rapids LaSalle. Our most famous alum is … when we get one, I’ll let you know.

Scott Michaux, a fine sports writer at the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, seized on the Warner/Johnson/Regis angle Sunday night. The link:



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