Is Ferentz to Kansas City Impossible, Unlikely, or Neither?

Might Kirk Ferentz spice up his life with a job in K.C.?

Might Kirk Ferentz spice up his life with a job in K.C.?

Oh, is this idiotic blog stirring up something saucy about the Iowa football coach that lacks substance?

Well … yeah. What else am I going to write about, the Iowa basketball team? Crack 50 points sometime again, and maybe I will.

OK, that was mean. I apologize. Blame it on the raw weather we in Iowa (and in much of the northern half of this great nation) are enduring. Blame it on the economy. If you’re a fan of “South Park,” blame Canada.

But Scott Pioli became the Kansas City Chiefs’ general manager today. You have to think Pioli didn’t take that job without knowing precisely who he would bring along as his coach, and it almost surely isn’t incumbent Herm Edwards.

So, Pioli and Ferentz are long-time close friends who worked together once upon a time with the Cleveland Browns. Ferentz lauded Pioli the person at an Outback Bowl press conference. He also said people shouldn’t assume anything about what Pioli might do.

That was when speculation had Pioli leaving the New England Patriots’ organization to run the football operations of the Cleveland Browns. Which didn’t happen, obviously.

But now Pioli has left Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots empire to try to revive a dormant Chiefs franchise. And again, you figure he has to have an awfully good idea who he’ll bring in to coach his team. Otherwise, he’s a gambler. Belichick doesn’t nurture gamblers. A prime example is Ferentz, who along with Pioli, worked with Belichick in Cleveland.

That certainly doesn’t mean it’s Ferentz to Cowtown. If I had to – ahem- gamble, I’d put a lot of paper money on Captain Kirk staying at Iowa for a good while longer. He has said or done nothing in recent years to make me think he’ll do otherwise, and his hints have suggested that’s exactly what he wants to do.

He has the Hawkeyes running the way he and Iowa fans like, again. They are being talked up as a Big Ten title-contender in 2009. It’s not like Ferentz hasn’t been able to win the conference before.

He has son James Ferentz about to embark on a playing career that could involve a lot of playing time on the offensive line, and sooner rather than later.

He endures a fair amount of craziness coaching at the Big Ten level (like dumbbell newspaper bloggers speculating on stuff like this), but it’s nothing compared to the wild heat of being an NFL coach.

But do I rule it out entirely?  Do I assume New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo or some other highly qualified coach will come aboard in Kansas City with Piolo?


Why not? Because I don’t have to, and you can’t make me. And because stranger things happen every year in coaching hirings. Remember Steve Spurrier to the Redskins? Bobby Petrino to the Falcons? Nick Saban to the Dolphins? Tim Floyd to the Bulls?

But the main reason I’m throwing this at the wall is because it’s mid-January, it’s freezing, and it’s fun to speculate about things that don’t directly involve us.

Ferentz said in Tampa that he finds it interesting when people try to decide what’s in another person’s head, or what’s best for that person. So I’m not doing that. He knows where he’ll be next fall. As it has been for his decade as Iowa’s coach, the very safe guess is that will be the home team’s sideline at Kinnick Stadium.

Maybe you and I will be in that stadium that day, too.


3 responses to “Is Ferentz to Kansas City Impossible, Unlikely, or Neither?

  1. I can’t see Ferentz wanting to be part of rebuilding the putrid Chiefs organization.

  2. I think Pioli would like Ferentz, but Ferentz is not ready to leave. He has a good deal at Iowa with a lot of security. The NFL is a different animal and few college coaches can make the jump successfully with Jimmy Johnson and Tom Coughlin being exceptions to the rule.

    Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, and Butch Davis, Lou Holtz are more common. Good coaches at the NCAA level, but not so good in the NFL.

    Nobody has mentioned the possibility of Pioli taking a Miami or New England assistant for the KC job?

  3. Ferentz has said time and again he is not going to leave until ALL of his children are out of high school. I believe he has one left, after that these kinds of speculations are valid, until then…no way is he leaving

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