Steve Spurrier, the Hlog Can’t Quit You

Thanks to the great college football site, we learned of an Atlanta Constitution-Journal story that’s not good news for Steve Spurrier.

The South Carolina coach and current owner of a 3-game losing streak can skip future trips to football power Tucker High School in Atlanta.

From the AJC story:

Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks are “no longer welcome” at Tucker High, one of the state’s top producers of college football prospects.

Tucker coach Franklin Stephens told the AJC of his proclamation after speaking with Spurrier on Sunday night. It had to do with Tucker linebacker Jonathan Davis, who had committed to South Carolina but was told on Friday that the Gamecocks had withdrawn the scholarship offer.

“The bottom line … what South Carolina did to Jonathan was wrong,” Stephens told the AJC. “Coach Spurrier accepted blame for the situation … [but he] is not going to do anything to fix the situation, therefore South Carolina will not be recruiting any more Tucker players.”

On Friday, Stephens had a “heated” conversation with Gamecocks assistant Shane Beamer, who ultimately said “South Carolina had to do what was in South Carolina’s best interests when it came to recruiting,” according to Stephens.


One response to “Steve Spurrier, the Hlog Can’t Quit You

  1. Perhaps Coach Stephens should have let USoCar continue to recruit at Tucker High… just sabatoge Steve Superior’sefforts so the USC would expend resources without any results

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