Ten Days After Outback Bowl, South Carolina Fans Are Steamed

Take a look at the letters to the sports section in today’s The State, the daily newspaper of Columbia, S.C.

What you see is disappointment. Disgust. Disillusionment.

The people of Gamecock Universe (every fan group calls itself a Nation, so I took it one further) aren’t pleased with Steve Spurrier’s football program, the one that Iowa walked all over in the Outback Bowl.

The link to Thestate.com for this not-so-lighthearted reading:


Speaking of the SEC …

New Auburn football coach Gene Chizik says he’s committed to recruiting in-state in this blog on Al.com:


Imagine that. Someone I know attended a Chizik talk when Chizik was Iowa State’s coach. He said Chizik was asked if he was going to recruit more Iowa kids. He said Chizik’s reply was “We’re going to recruit athletes.”

At Iowa State, like at Iowa and Northern Iowa, you have to do both. New Cyclones coach Paul Rhoads seems to be fully aware of that.


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