Jake Christensen is Leaving, to No Surprise

A magazine from the summer of 08

A magazine from the summer of '08

Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com got the story today (http://myespn.go.com/blogs/bigten) that Iowa junior quarterback Jake Christensen will transfer from the school. This doesn’t exactly rate on the shock meter. The shock would have been had he stayed. He was rumored to be on his way out of Iowa City since October.

Christensen had the quarterback job for a whole season in 2007. It didn’t go well. He was the quarterback for the entire second-half of the Pittsburgh game in 2008. It didn’t go well. He surrendered the job after that game, and it was Rick Stanzi’s to keep.

By all accounts, Christensen did nothing disruptive in the aftermath. I have never heard a teammate say a bad thing about him, and I don’t know anyone else in the Iowa media who has heard anything of the sort.

The quarterback-change was for the better as far as the Hawkeyes were concerned. But it wasn’t pleasant to see Christensen get raked over the coals last year playing on an offense that wasn’t very good or experienced as a whole. Stanzi became a good QB as this season went along, and brought stability to the offense. He gives Iowa fans reason to think the 2009 offense will be capable.

But how good would he or any quarterback have been last year with that 2007 offensive line or corps of mostly freshman receivers?

Christensen got more than a fair chance to keep his job, so there should be no grousing from his end, and we’ve heard none. Nor should anyone who claims to represent Iowa as a fan have anything nasty to say about him as he leaves the program.

He got booed in his home stadium. That was lousy. Here’s hoping he finds some success, peace and fun at his next stop.


2 responses to “Jake Christensen is Leaving, to No Surprise


    Needed to get that out of my system while there’s still time. Seriously though, even if he kinda stunk as a QB, he seemed like a really good guy, and he handled losing his job well. I always feel bad for highly ranked recruits who wind up busting out; the expectations placed on them at such a young age really aren’t fair. I hope he finds some success wherever he winds up.

  2. I forgot that comments on the main page for sport-related articles don’t get posted, so I’ll make it here. As for the 46 sacks his dad mentions, God bless the kid, he’s handled this situation with class and dignity. However, soo many of those sacks were the result of his poor decision making. He would consistently rollout to the left while dropping back 8-12 yards. As he would get closer to the sidelines everyone around you in Kinick would be yelling-Throw It Away! and you would watch him run right out of bounds and turn a sack into a 15 yard loss. He was a nice guy, sure, but you are allowed to throw the ball away. Holding on too long and not making makeable plays won’t serve him well ata nother school either. Having said that, thanks for the time you put in at Iowa and best of luck. I for one will keep an eye on the rest of his career and would be proud should he turn his game around. Go Hawks!

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