Dan McCarney: A National Champion


How about that? You go from having your head-coaching run at Iowa State come to an end in December 2006 to being a defensive guru on the 2008 national champions.

That’s Dan McCarney (pictured above with Bob Tebow, the father of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow). Urban Meyer hired him to right the Gators’ defense, which was all wrong when it got shredded by Michigan for 41 points in last year’s Capital One Bowl.

McCarney had just spent a year at South Florida, doing a lot to help turn that defense into something good.

Oklahoma, just 14 points? Are you kidding me? That Florida “D” looked pretty good in Thursday’s BCS title-game, wouldn’t you say?

Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong is getting hosannas for his game plan against the Sooners. McCarney shaped a young defensive line into something formidable, and every one of those linemen return for next season.

Here’s another photo of McCarney in the spiffy, NFL-like Gators football facility. Gazette photographer Jim Slosiarek and I went to Gainesville on Dec. 30 for a feature on McCarney, who was nice enough to give us a tour of the complex. The photos here are Jim’s.

Congrats to Mac.



3 responses to “Dan McCarney: A National Champion

  1. Good for Dan. I’m surprised he didn’t get a good offer for the head coach position somewhere this year.

    If Norm would have retired this year, D Mac would have been my number one pick to replace him as the DC for the Hawks.

    I bet the Clowns miss him.

  2. As a Hawk fan I would love to have Dmac back.

  3. D.Mac bleeds Black and Gold .

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