Hawkeyes Coldcock Gamecocks


Well, well, well. That was quite a display of efficiency the Iowa football squad displayed against a South Carolina team that showed all the poise and precision of a home video during an earthquake.

I said it at the end of my column that should be posted Thursday night on http://www.hawkeyebowlgame.com,  and I’ll elaborate here. I think Iowa is one of the 10 best teams in the nation.

Where will the Hawkeyes be ranked in the Associated Press poll late next Thursday night after the BCS title game? Probably 21st or 22nd, maybe 23rd.

But if you went on how teams were playing in November into December and January, can you honestly name 10 teams that are better?

The obvious ones on their bodies of work: Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, Penn State, Texas, Texas Tech. That’s seven. Although, you take Penn State with a grimace the way it fell so far behind in the first half of the Rose Bowl against USC.

Add Utah if it plays Alabama close in the Sugar Bowl. If Ohio State isn’t routed by Texas, you probably have to include the Buckeyes. I’d certainly include 11-2 TCU, as well.

OK, that’s 10 if Utah and Ohio State hold up their ends. And 11 if Cincinnati wins over Virginia Tech in Thursday night’s Orange Bowl, though I’d take the Hawkeyes over the Bearcats on a neutral field 10 times out of 10. But a BCS league-champ with a 12-2 record has earned its place.

But that’s it. A 10-3 Georgia? Not sold. A 10-3 Oregon? Very good, but I think the Ducks-Hawks game would be a coin-flip. If Ole Miss upsets Texas Tech Friday in the Cotton Bowl, I rank the Rebels on an even keel with Iowa.

You know how this works, though. Those four losses hang over Iowa’s heads, and not being ranked all year makes it hard for the Hawks to ascend very far once they do get into next week’s rankings.

No matter. They had the bowl scene all to themselves for the first two hours Thursday and wasted little time showing America (and poll voters) what they had.

They’ll get a nice spot in August’s preseason Top 25 for the 2009 season. What they do with that is up to them instead of the pollsters.


4 responses to “Hawkeyes Coldcock Gamecocks

  1. I was stunned on the first series of this game when we had ALL DAY to pass. They had no rush. The game was over at that point, assuming a modest ration of Stanzi-balls. You can’t put 8-9 in the box and not get pressure on the passer. I guess Ellis just didn’t think we could run our scrapes and go’s, or *would* run our scrapes and go’s — or that we would pass at all. So congrats, you held Shonn to 4.2 ypc, and we punted for the first time in the fourth quarter.

    I agree with your assessment of Iowa. It was the most efficient team playing anywhere today after SoCal. And only 7 seniors plus 1 (SG) in the top 44. This was a masterful display.

  2. Nothing about the espn hosts talking about kirk leaving iowa for cleveland. It really made me mad thats all they talked about for quite a while!!

    Hope he stays in Iowa City.

  3. jack – The game was such a beat down they had to talk about something. The KF to NFL talk was great filler for them as it gave them a chance to show off all their inside knowledge of names and relationships.

    I will say, I was impressed with how they complimented KF’s response to the question by the sideline guy after the game.

  4. Awesome show in Tampa.
    This show should be in Pasadena next year, Should have been this year.
    Kirk Please stay and get us a Rose Bowl Victory, its been 50 years.

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