Something’s Askew in Tampa


I should be anywhere in Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater right now but my hotel out by the Tampa airport. The weather’s nice, my work is done until the start of tomorrow’s Outback Bowl.

But I have no car.

So I’m watching the Iowa-Ohio State men’s basketball game in the hotel bar with three other Iowa media mopes. And it’s not good basketball.

I might as well be home. Of course, if I were home I’d be doing something else. Maybe even driving. My car.

OK, the second half was surprisingly good. Instead of getting their brains beat in, as it appeared they would when they trailed 30-15, Iowa made a game of it. But lost.

Darkness has descended on Tampa. It’s time for a sportswriter covering the game to have a light meal and spend the rest of the evening in quiet contemplation over what is to come tomorrow at Raymond James Stadium.

New Year’s Eve? That’s for other people.


2 responses to “Something’s Askew in Tampa

  1. It could be worse. I’m contemplating the always lively scene at our favorite bar/restaurant in the hood. I think I’ll stay home. Happy New Year.

  2. lol..Duck season?? funny

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