Christmas in Transit – A Holiday I’ll Happily Forget

The above is the back of a 747. Where’s the rest of the plane? What am I, an air traffic controller?

I might have been happy to ride on the wing if I could have hitched a ride on the 747 that the Iowa football team and a cast of FOPs (Friends of the Program) directly from The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids to Tampa, Fla., Wednesday for the Hawkeyes’ Outback Bowl experience.

Not too shabby, huh?

Well, if only a charter jumbo jet and a direct flight had awaited yours truly, Gazette sportswriter Marc Morehouse and Gazette photojournalist Jim Slosiarek on Christmas Day.

It was about 12 hours from The Eastern Iowa Airport to Tampa International, on three planes, three airlines, two delays including one in Chicago because the air conditioning (yes, the flipping air conditioning!) didn’t work in our American Airlines plane, and luggage that didn’t make it this far.

Christmas cheer isn’t going to bed on the first night of an eight-night odyssey wondering if I’ll ever see many of my earthly possessions again.


I think it might have been easier to fly to the Australian Outback than the Outback Bowl. My luggage is probably on its way to Australia as this is written, come to think of it.

There’s a lesson here involving sadistic travel agents and gullible newspaper folk, but I’m too tired to learn it.

The bowl coverage starts Friday. The Hawkeyes will meet the press at the University of Tampa following practice. Check back here and all over for stories, blog entries, photos and video.

It’s nice to be in Tampa. It would be nicer with some clean clothes.


One response to “Christmas in Transit – A Holiday I’ll Happily Forget

  1. Mike, ther’s another lesson here about carrying on some essentials when you pack for air travel.

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