South Carolina Loses Yet Another Player to Grades

Steve Spurrier has had his share of headaches lately

Steve Spurrier has had his share of headaches lately

The following was cut-and-pasted directly from The State, the daily newspaper of Columbia, S.C.:
USC fifth-year linebacker Dustin Lindsey became the third Gamecocks’ player ruled ineligible for the Outback Bowl when the NCAA denied Lindsey’s appeal, sources told The State on Monday.

Lindsey, an Alabama native who failed out of school following the 2005 Independence Bowl before returning the following year, joins strong safety Emanuel Cook and offensive lineman Kyle Nunn. All failed to pass the mandatory six credit hours this semester required by the NCAA to be eligible for a bowl game.

Punter Spencer Lanning is awaiting word on his appeal.

Lanning, by the way, is the Gamecocks’ starting punter.

On this subject, a South Carolina faculty member isn’t thrilled with how Gamecocks athletes are being monitored as far as classroom progress. The link:

We told you about new Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin’s in-your-face attitude toward South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier.

Kiffin has swiped Spurrier’s quarterbacks coach John Reaves and strength coach Mark Smith, and is talking with bravado in response to Spurrier questioning whether Kiffin had taken the NCAA certification test to recruit before he began wooing players.

Kiffin said he got 39 out of 40 on the test and “I’d like to see what (Spurrier) got.”

Spurrier had his chance to return the fire Sunday and opted for tongue-in-cheek humility.

“I have always passed it,” said Spurrier. “Nah, I know he’s smarter than me. There’s no question about that. I barely graduated from college. I know I’m not the smartest guy out there. No big deal.”

Elsewhere in the Charleston Post and Courier story from which the above quote was borrowed, Spurrier says starting quarterback Stephen Garcia needs “to have that Tim Tebow attitude.”

Spurrier mentioned twice Sunday he’d like to hear Stephen Garcia sound a little more like Florida’s Tim Tebow.

“That ‘nobody’s going to work as hard as I am,’ Spurrier explained. “If Stephen Garcia says that, tap me on the shoulder. He’s got to learn how to work at it himself.”

The Gamecocks’ Outback Bowl game against Iowa will be played in Garcia’s hometown of Tampa. The Gamecocks will practice at Jefferson High, where Garcia starred.

“Really, he should be up to start the bowl game as a redshirt freshman. Not many quarterbacks get to do that,” Spurrier said. “I’m just trying to get him to learn his plays better.”


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