Both Iowa, South Carolina Not Matching Previous Outback Bowl Ticket Sales

The economy is slowing even Iowa Hawkeye football fans.

Iowa fans bought 18,000 and 20,000 tickets for the school’s Outback appearances against Florida following the 2003 and ’05 regular seasons. This year Iowa has sold 12,700 tickets.

“It’s down a lot,” Iowa ticket director Pam Finke told The State, the daily newspaper of Columbia, S.C.  “We were out of tickets last time.”

It’s slightly less than 500 miles from Columbia to Outback Bowl site Tampa, Fla., but that doesn’t mean South Carolina fans are stampeding to the ticket windows, either.

Carolina fans bought 25,000 and 20,000 tickets, respectively, to watch USC’s Outback Bowl wins over Ohio State after the 2000 and ’01 regular seasons.

As of Friday, USC had sold about 9,000 of its 11,000-ticket allotment for the Outback Bowl, according to Eric Hyman, the school’s athletics director. That includes up to 1,500 seats the athletics department purchased.

“The slowdown has impacted everyone, except maybe Florida and Alabama,” Hyman said.

The link to The State’s story:

Things are tough in Columbia these days. Not everyone in town has the money to go to the Outback Bowl. A lot of people don’t have jobs. This piece from Sunday’s New York Times looks at a city hit hard by hard times:

On another front, new Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin isn’t afraid to steal from Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina football program or take any guff from USC people, including Spurrier himself.

Kiffin hired quarterbacks coach John Reaves from Carolina a couple weeks ago, and landed Gamecocks strength coach Mark Smith last Friday.

The Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier reported that even before Kiffin was introduced as Tennessee’s coach, Kiffin and Reaves were working fiercely on the recruiting trail. That included talking to prospects, such as Tampa running back Jarvis Giles, wh had committed to Carolina.

Spurrier openly questioned whether Kiffin had taken his NCAA certification test, required before he could legally recruit. Kiffin said when he was hired that he had in fact taken the test.

“If Steve’s concerned about my test, I got a 39 out of 40,” Kiffin said. “I’d like to see what he got.”

They play for keeps in the SEC.

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7 responses to “Both Iowa, South Carolina Not Matching Previous Outback Bowl Ticket Sales

  1. You and Pam forgot to mettion the 30$ in extra fees the U of I is tacking on for tickets and that when you first went to buy tickets as season ticket holder and giver, you were litted to the number you could buy.Maybe its not the ression ,its that people are unhappy with the way things are done by the Uof I ticket office.

  2. I know that our big group purchased our tickets through Ticketmaster since the fees were lower and they guarenteed that we would have tickets. Plus you could see where your seats were going to be before committing to them. I woudl have purchased them through the U if I knew I was guarenteed tickets and they were better than what we are stuck with every year: either in the end zone or way up high. We are sitting on the 10 yard line 12 rows up for less money than getting them at the U.

  3. Agreed. Why would I buy through the U of I when they can’t tell me where the seats are?

    I went through the Outback/ticketmaster.

  4. There will be at least 20,000 Iowa fans at this game according to the University of Iowa sports website… what is actually happening is that thousands of Iowa fans are bypassing the university for tickets due to group limitations and inexplicably TWO handling fees through the university ticket office… we bought 17 tickets through the Outback Bowl…

    expect just as strong an Iowa contingent as you’ve seen before…

  5. C’mom Hlas…you guys get paid to do some work/research dont you? By doing some simple checking you’ll see a great deal of Iowa fans are buying tickets…just not from the University as they have not one but two goofy fees and the seats usually stink….no one I know is buying tickets from the University. As others have said…there will be at least 20k Iowa fans there.

  6. Agree with others, the fees, the lousey seats (although all seats in this stadium are OK) made me go elsewhere – particularly the ticket limit.

  7. This seems to be true. After Buying tickets through the Iowa AD for 3 bowls our group decided to purchase off of (without having to pay the extra Iowa charges). I had the tickets in 2 days and they are in the 100 section on the 10 yard line. The last 3 bowls saw us up in the top tier wings. Iowa needs to do better for the fans. These bowl people are making a mint at the fans’ expense.

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