Today’s Gene Chizik Reading Room

Auburn’s hiring of former Iowa State football coach Gene Chizik continues to provide fodder for writers and broadcasters all over the country.’s Stewart Mandel says Chizik has zero chance of success at Auburn. says Auburn has rallied the troops to support Chizik after a rough immediate reaction from the War Eagles faithful.

Here’s a gem: A conspiracy theory on why Tommy Tuberville “quit” at Auburn and was replaced by Chizik.

And John Clay of the Lexington Herald-Leader says SEC schools aren’t hiring great football coaches these days because the demands on those coaches are too severe.

Finally, this story from the New York Times with a URL you’ll need to cut and paste into your browser’s address bar:


4 responses to “Today’s Gene Chizik Reading Room

  1. Hey Mike, can you edit in the right link for the conspiracy theory? It’s the same link as the Rallies the Troops article.


  2. It’s fixed.

    Thanks for the head’s up, Michael.

  3. Thanks for fixing it. I’m glad you did, that was a VERY interesting read.

  4. But the good people at has this repudiation of the conspiracty theory:

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