Cyclones’ First Known Post-Chizik “Candidate”

Oklahoma State associate head football coach Joe DeForest

Oklahoma State associate head football coach Joe DeForest

 If we know anything about Iowa State athletics director Jamie Pollard when it comes to job searches, it’s don’t take any story too seriously until ISU announces it has hired a coach.

So we have a name. Cyclone Sports Report says it has learned Oklahoma State associate head coach Joe DeForest has been contacted about thee ISU job by Pollard.

 “I am not able to comment on that at this time,” DeForest told CSR in a prepared statement. “Obviously it would be an honor to be considered for such a great job in the best conference in college football. It would be a great opportunity.”

Translation: He’d love it. Why wouldn’t he? He’s a special teams coach with a title at a school he’s been at since 2001. He’s been a darn good special teams coach. This year the Cowboys are second nationally in net punting,third in punt returns, and 12th in kickoff returns.

DeForest also is a darn good recruiter. But he’s never been a coordinator, let alone a head coach. He reportedly was in the mix for the New Mexico head coaching job that was filled by Illinois offensive coordinator Mike Locksley earlier this month.

Like I said, we have a name. There will be more, and they will be more-familiar names as time passes.

Historically, released statements expressing interest come from coaches with the least chance of getting the jobs. The best candidates will move quietly.


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