Chizik to Auburn: “You’ve Got the Right Guy”

Gene Chizik met the Auburn media Monday. Thanks to the blog of Evan Woodberry at the Mobile Register-Sun, here are some nuggets:

The main vibe from Chizik: Confidence. He said several times that he was the best man for the job. He turned to Jacobs and said, “Jay, you’ve got the right guy.”

Chizik never talked salary. Jacobs had to bring up the subjectafter Chizik was hired. Chizik said he’s already made more money than he ever imagined and he doesn’t coach for money.

Chizik said he doesn’t regret his two years at Iowa State. He wouldn’t change a thing if he had it to do over again.

Why did he leave Auburn after the 2004 season? Chizik wanted to be a head coach and thought Texas could get him to that point. He left in order to be in a position to get back to Auburn, he said.

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One response to “Chizik to Auburn: “You’ve Got the Right Guy”

  1. Watching this whole thing unfold from thousands of miles away (I live in Singapore) it makes me realize that the folks on Wall Street and the auto industry who brought us the financial mess are not a whole lot different than Chizik and his ilk. Tubberville is getting paid over 5 million dollars to not coach. Is it just me or does that seem ridiculous when you have people who want work but cannot. College sports and the financial institutions have so much in common. Mostly lack of common decency and responsibility.

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