Darn Spiders

Lost in the hubbub about Gene Chizik’s golden parachute transporting him from Iowa State to Ames will be Northern Iowa’s 21-20 national-semifinal loss to Richmond.

If ever something was the one that got away, UNI’s 21-20 loss to the Spiders in the UNI-Dome Saturday was it.  I was there. I saw it, and still don’t quite believe it got away from the Panthers.

It’s so hard getting this deep into the playoffs, you wonder if the Panthers will ever get another chance this good to win a national title in football.

Then again, I wondered the same thing that cold December Friday night in Chattanooga three years ago when UNI lost 21-16 to Appalachian State in the national-title game.

Maybe someday. Maybe.


One response to “Darn Spiders

  1. Mike, my thoughts exactly on UNI. All I ask is for one national championship in my lifetime. It is fun being a fan of a team that we expect to win EVERY time.
    Hey, your staff missed the local angle on Bob Nielson from Linn-Mar and Wartburg, winning the national title for Minn. Duluth. Maybe a follow up?

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