Chizik is Auburn’s Coach


I’m flabbergasted.


4 responses to “Chizik is Auburn’s Coach

  1. I’ll just say this: he was probably at ISU longer than he’s going to be at Auburn and UNI fans better be running the Tivo tonight because it’s likely the last time they’ll see Farley on their sideline.

  2. NO way Farley leaves UNI. Especially for Ames. Truly a graveyard there. They will NEVER compete in the Big 12 for anything more than 4 wins.

  3. Who else is in the running other than farley?? just wondering

  4. Bert…you’re right. Not since they got rid of McCarney they won’t. They were having a few seasons with more than 4 wins towards the end of his run though. Getting rid of HIM was the boneheadiest move ever.

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