Auburn People Have Emotions About Hiring Chizik — Angry Emotions

I admit to not grasping everything immediately. Here are two things I didn’t know or couldn’t believe right away Friday afternoon:

1. is produced by professionals who have a wealth of experience covering college sports, Auburn in particular.

2. For reasons still unclear, Auburn is seriously considering Iowa State’s Gene Chizik as its next football coach.

From Phillip Marshall’s column on

My telephone rang early this morning. It was a friend who is an Auburn graduate and an avid football fan. He’ s the kind of fan who finds something positive in almost every situation, who believes in bad times that better days are coming.

And he was angry.

“If they do this,” he said, “I’m through with Auburn football.”

And from the feedback I’ve gotten, from the feedback others in far more important positions than I tell me they’ve gotten, he is not alone.

It’s been less than eight hours since I put up the story that said Gene Chizik has jumped to the top of the list in Auburn’s search for a head coach to replace Tommy Tuberville. In that short period of time, the response has been the most negative I have witnessed in almost 40 years of being around Auburn football as a reporter.

I could fill this space a thousand times over with the angry messages posted on, unaffiliated with Auburn University.

Here’s a sarcastic title of one post, which should tell you all you need to know:

“0-8 in Big 12 and didn’t play Texas, OU or Tex Tech. Sign him up!”

Another post asks the question “Has a college football fanbase ever boycotted an entire season?”

Auburn can’t hire Gene Chizik. The real question is, can Iowa State keep him after this?

As weekends go, ISU has had better ones. Its men’s basketball team got smoked by Iowa. This Chizik thing is a kick in the head. And Shawn Johnson wore an Iowa shirt at the Cyclones-Hawkeyes basketball game.


One response to “Auburn People Have Emotions About Hiring Chizik — Angry Emotions

  1. i was surprised that Shawn was a hawk fan. but shes on the good side.!

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