Chizik/Auburn Not Such a Wild Rumor After All

I’m semi-shocked, if there is such a thing.

Gene Chizik is, at least to some degree, is in the mix for the Auburn job. Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard confirmed it.

Auburn’s interest in Gene speaks to his (Chizik’s) reputation,” Pollard said in a statement he released Friday. “We saw that same potential in Gene two years ago. He is an outstanding football coach, tremendous recruiter and inspiring leader. When your organization has talented staff members, other schools express interest in their services.”

Chizik is rolling the dice on this one. No one should begrudge anyone else a chance to move up in life if they aren’t hurting someone.

Will this hurt feelings among Cyclone fans? It shouldn’t.

This is how it will probably play out.  In four or five days, Chizik withdraws from consideration, says he interviewed because he asked by people who he worked for and likes at Auburn. He says it was a courtesy, but he’s a Cyclone, end of story.

Recruits won’t care. As for ISU fans, all that matters is if the Cyclones are better on the field next year. Which, they certainly should be.

But still … semi-shocking.

And by the way, looks pretty good in all this. Nice going to that site.


One response to “Chizik/Auburn Not Such a Wild Rumor After All

  1. This came to me via Phillip Marshall of

    Ran across this looking for stuff on Gene Chizik. Just so you’ll know, is an ESPN affiliated web site that covers Auburn. I’ve been doing it since July. Before that, I was a sports writer in Alabama for 38 years. We don’t deal in “wild, wild rumors.” Just thought you might like to know.


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