Hlas’ AP Top 25 Ballot and More

The Hlog is bragging about telling you right here repeatedly that it would be Iowa-South Carolina in the Outback Bowl.

OK, it’s not bragging. It was going with the consensus favorites.

I’m not totally happy I was right. South Carolina is not worthy of a Jan. 1 game. Not at 7-5, not with no wins over ranked teams, not with a freshman quarterback who has proven nothing, not with a 56-6 loss to Florida three weeks ago, not with a 31-14 loss to Clemson last week.

But who is Iowa to complain? If you’re 8-4 and playing on New Year’s, don’t worry and be happy.

Now, here’s my AP ballot. I think Florida will beat Oklahoma since it will be the first time the Sooners have seen a big-league defense, but I wouldn’t bet 10 cents on it.

Iowa climbs two  spots on my ballot from last week because Ball State and Missouri got thumped. Thanks for nothing to Cincinnati, which didn’t secure its win over Hawaii until the middle of the night, and cost me sleep.

1. Oklahoma
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. Utah
6. Penn State
7. USC
8. Texas Tech
9. Ohio State
10. Boise State
11. TCU
12. Oklahoma State
13. Oregon
14. Pittsburgh
15. BYU
16. Georgia Tech
17. Iowa
18. Michigan State
19. Mississippi
20. Georgia
21. Northwestern
22. Virginia Tech
23. Cincinnati
24. Missouri
25. Oregon State

One response to “Hlas’ AP Top 25 Ballot and More

  1. Well, thankfully, we don’t need to look at Ball State ahead of OK State this week, and thank you Turner Gill for that.

    If there were such a thing as the Momentum Bowl, we’d be playing Nutt or Paul Johnson. I would love to see what Johnson could do against the disciplined Iowa defense. Spurrier is in his sunset years, and it seems he’s bored with the hours and tedium and ridiculousness of recruiting 17 year-olds. I’m actually worried our guys won’t take them seriously, and it will be an ugly game like Purdue.

    I still think it’s extremely funny where you place Utah. USC (that’s the USC with the seven-deep at running back, not the USC that lost to Florida by 51) would obliterate that club.

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