Rick Majerus Has a Bone to Pick With Iowa


Fred Brown at the parade for the 1979 NBA champion Seattle Supersonics

Fred Brown at the parade for the 1979 NBA champion Seattle Supersonics


Rick Majerus apparently doesn’t hold the University of Iowa in high regard, for something that happened (or didn’t happen) over 35 years ago.

The Saint Louis men’s basketball coach told this to St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Tom Timmerman after his Billikens’ 64-48 loss at Southern Illinois Tuesday night:

“Tomorrow I’m giving them off for academics,” he said. “I’m actually going to meet at my place for lunch, all the freshmen, to talk to them about everything but basketball. I will not bring up basketball. I’ll talk to them about life issues, about academic issues. Tonight I was telling them the story of growing up with Johnny Johnson and Freddie Brown. Downtown Freddy Brown with his two Big Ten championships and two (actually, one) Seattle SuperSonics championships while a pro. Forget about Iowa not retiring his number, they never got him a degree. Tomorrow is an important day, I’m going to spend two hours with them about life skills, life situations.”

Johnson and Brown, like Majerus, grew up in Milwaukee. They (just Johnson and Brown, not Majerus) led Iowa to an unbeaten Big Ten season in 1970 and went on to have long, distinguished NBA careers.

The link to the item from Timmerman’s blog:



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