Set It In (Wet) Concrete: Iowa vs. South Carolina in Outback Bowl

Erin Andrews and Steve Spurrier. One will be at the Outback Bowl.

Erin Andrews and Steve Spurrier. One will be at the Outback Bowl.

The Tampa Tribune believes it, I believe it, and you should believe it. Iowa will play Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks in the Outback Bowl.

No one from the game or elsewhere will confirm it, because the BCS and the other lords of college football would come at the bowl with the wrath of a thousand roided-up defensive linemen. But it would take something bizarre for the Outback not to match Hawkeyes and Gamecocks.

South Carolina is the lone logical choice for the Outback. Alabama and Florida will play in BCS bowls, Georgia goes to the Capital One, and Mississippi to the Cotton. That leaves 7-5 South Carolina and 7-5 LSU. The Bayou Bengals are headed for the Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta, and USC (that’s what South Carolina calls itself) goes to Tampa on the heels of a 56-6 loss to Florida followed by a 31-14 defeat at state-rival Clemson.

The only currently ranked team the Gamecocks have beaten this year is Mississippi. They beat Wofford, 23-13.

With Ohio State headed to the BCS — likely to play Texas what would be an excellent Sugar Bowl matchup — Michigan State represents the Big Ten in the Capital One and the Outback then chooses 8-4 over 9-3 Northwestern.

The Outback Bowl has been a sellout the two times Iowa has been a participant. Tampa-St. Pete likes that. A lot.

The Tampa Tribune’s story:


8 responses to “Set It In (Wet) Concrete: Iowa vs. South Carolina in Outback Bowl

  1. Sounds analytical & pretty good. I agree on playing an SEC ‘just another team’ and IOWA should do well!!

    How much MORE can the KU coach weigh?

  2. If MSU plays Georgia in the Cap One, I look for the Dawgs be daunting over the Sparties. Iowa would do well against the Gamecocks, but it would be much more interesting to play LSU again or even get Nebraska in the Alamo. Of course that bowl doesn’t pay as much as the Outback now does it.

  3. Not exactly an unbiased source, but the following website makes a few really solid arguments for Northwestern being selected over Iowa:

    Not to mention that comments made yesterday (Monday, December 1st), by Outback Bowl president, Jim McVay, seem to suggest that the Big Ten Pick for the Outback bowl is more up in the air than you make it sound (Article: )

    The Iowa Penn game was (much to my surprise) probably the most exciting big ten game I’ve watched this year, but as hot as it makes Iowa look, the Hawkeyes still lost at Illinois (a team which Northwestern soundly beat in their season closer).

    The point is, there are arguments to be made for both teams to have a shot at the Outback bowl. Regardless of what team goes, I’ll be cheering for whoever is chosen to represent the Big 10.

  4. I recommend readers check the site the previous poster linked.

    In a truly fair world, Northwestern would be going to the Outback Bowl. It beat Iowa head-to-head.

    The Outback Bowl people will make this sound like an excruciatingly tough decision because 1) it knows picking an 8-4 team over one that is 9-3 will raise eyebrows and 2) it doesn’t want to burn any bridges with Northwestern knowing that could be an excellent team and fan base to have at their game in the future.

    In a tough economy, I have to believe Tampa-St. Pete will go with who they are positive will bring more fans to spend more money over three or four days. Despite Northwestern’s attendance at its bowls, I think the Outback will go with Iowa.

    They may surprise Iowans and pick Northwestern after all. But the fact they’re saying it’s between the two should tell you which way they’re leaning.

  5. Texas/Ohio State is a likely match up provided OU beats Missou. But in the Fiesta Bowl…not the Sugar.

  6. Mike (not this Mike, but the one in the previous post) is right. Thanks, Mike.

  7. We call ourselves USC becuase we were founded in 1801; many, many years before Southern California existed!!!!!!

  8. I was born and raised in Iowa and will be cheering for USC the entire game. I am so sick of listening to Iowa fans rave about their beloved Kirk Ferrenz who is at best an overpaid underqualified coach. If loosing this game gets him one step closer to the door I say GO USC!!!!!!

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