Bad News for Beavers is Good News for Hawkeyes

As miserable as it is to take heart in the misfortunes of others, Iowa football fans can’t be saddened to learn Oregon State freshman running back Jacquizz Rodgers may miss Saturday’s Oregon-Oregon State game.

Rodgers is the Pac-10’s leading rusher. He has a shoulder injury.

Why is this good for the Hawkeyes? If Oregon State loses to the Ducks, it increases the chances of Iowa playing in a Jan. 1 bowl. Oregon State would get bounced out of the Rose Bowl, the Pac-10 would get just one BCS slot, and Ohio State would go into the BCS and clear room in the Capital One and Outback for two teams among Michigan State, Northwestern and Iowa.

Rodgers averages 113.9 yards per game, and is listed as “very doubtful” according to Beavers Coach Mike Riley.


In an unrelated matter, you can see how the American public feels about the AP Top 25 ballots cast by yours truly and the other 64 electors.

That link is

If you think my ballot is weird, take a look at some of the others. John Hunt of the Oregonian, for instance, has two-loss Ohio State ranked ahead of Texas, and only has the Longhorns seventh.

Hunt shoved shoved Texas Tech all the way down to 11th after its first loss of the year, at Oklahoma. But he has two-loss Oklahoma State at No. 9. Texas Tech beat Okie State, 56-20.

But we’re all susceptible to criticism. I didn’t rank Northwestern, and have heard about it. I can’t get past the fact the Wildcats not only were mauled at home by Michigan State and Ohio State, but lost at Indiana. Yes, lost at Indiana.

Had Northwestern played at Pittsburgh and Iowa hosted Syracuse instead of the other way around, the Hawkeyes would be 9-3, the Wildcats 8-4, and no one favoring purple would complain when one of the Big Ten’s affiliated bowls takes Iowa ahead of Northwestern.

Which is why major-college teams don’t want to schedule any good nonconference games anymore. You get punished, by the BCS and by the bowls.


3 responses to “Bad News for Beavers is Good News for Hawkeyes

  1. Just my opinion, but I would rather see the Hawks play someone like Missouri or Nebraska in the Alamo than play S. Carolina in the Outback. With the bowls as watered down as they are, it’s hard to really excited about playing a 10 am game on New Years Day, regardless of any “prestige” that may come with it.

  2. Mike, I understand your respect for Alabama’s undefeated rank and all, but I can’t bring myself to support the typical “what more can they do” argument in light of the fact that they ducked out of a game with Penn State this year (it’s why PSU played Coastal Carolina). Granted, it won’t matter after the SEC Championship game, but it seems like you want to lament the Hawkeyes’ scheduling plight vis-a-vis Northwestern, then turn around and reward Alabama for even worse shenanigans.

  3. OPS: Your point is well-taken. However, I won’t punish a team of players for something they couldn’t control, namely scheduling.

    Alabama is unbeaten, and has won in the belly of the beasts at Georgia and LSU. I think Florida, Oklahoma and Texas have better teams. But all failed one test, with Florida’s loss the most egregious.

    Luckily, you’re right. It won’t matter after the SEC title game.

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