This is Who Iowa’s Basketball Team is Playing? Episode 1: Charleston Southern



There are a lot of Division I men’s basketball programs. How many? Charleston, S.C., has three all by itself.


Iowa, for some odd reason, has chosen to play two of them from Charleston, S.C. this year. They are The Citadel, and Friday’s opponent, Charleston Southern. The College of Charleston apparently couldn’t squeeze the Hawkeyes on their schedule.


Charleston Southern is in the Big South Conference. The Big South isn’t the South’s basketball equivalent of the Big East.


The Big East has Providence. The Big South has Presbyterian.


The Big East has Georgetown. The Big South has Gardner-Webb.


The Big East has Louisville. The Big South has Liberty.


The Big East plays its conference tourney at Madison Square Garden. The Big South plays it at whatever county fairgrounds in the Carolinas are available in early March.



Charleston Southern’s team name is the Buccaneers. It interests me how many pro, college and high school teams are called the Buccaneers or Pirates, given that it’s been quite a while since pirates pillaged, ransacked and caused general mayhem on the high seas.


As for their men’s basketball team, the Bucs were 10-20 last year and are 31-58 in Bradley Radebaugh’s three full years as coach. The Bucs may not win at Iowa Friday, but they’ll be hard to beat at home when they play Toccoa Falls Nov. 22 and Covenant College Dec. 13.


Friday night. Iowa vs. Charleston Southern in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Where else would you rather be? Other than the high seats, that is.



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