Surely you can’t just sit in front of your TV and watch the third-ranked Nittany Lions of Penn State try to depart Kinnick Stadium with a win over Iowa. Surely you must offer your opinions on your computer as the game is proceeding.

Surely you must go to for the live blog with your genial hosts, Gazette sportswriters Marc Morehouse, Scott Dochterman, and me, Mike Hlas in the role of Sergeant Schultz.

We’re at the stadium right now to see and hear things you can’t see and hear from the comfort of your warm (presumably) dwelling. Join us and tell us what you see from TV that we can’t see with our own eyeballs.



  1. To: Mike Hlas

    Congratulations on your Sunday column about the Hawks’ victory over Penn State. I thought it was exceptionally well done.

    I noted in your Tuesday Gazette article more praise for Joe Pa on how he deflected statements about whether Penn State played up to its potential by praising Iowa for a job well done. Paterno has been around a long time and perhaps he has “mellowed” a little. But before he is regarded as a “Saint” you might want to review the history of the Iowa-Penn State game played in either the 70’s or 80’s in Iowa City in which Paterno called the Iowa fans in so many words “classless” or a “bunch of bums”. I can’t remember exactly when, but you will find it in your archives before Penn State joined the Big 10.

    Also, Denny Goettle might be willing to comment on how Joe Pa treats young officials that he doesn’t like..

    Finally, maybe a review (as you have done previously) of the number of Penn State’s off field incidents would remind Iowa fans that ours is not the only program with problems with some of its athletes.

    Don’t get me wrong….Joe Pa is a “hall of famer” …good for football, Penn State and the Big Ten” But he cannot walk away as a Saint because of some of his previous actions.

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