Terrific Zach Johnson Video on the Flood at PGATour.com

Besides relocating his winning form on the golf course, Zach Johnson did something more important during his six-week absence on the PGA Tour in late summer and early fall.

Johnson came back to his Cedar Rapids hometown in mid-September. In addition to holding a one-day golf event in Iowa City that raised $350,000 for Embrace Iowa – The 2008 Iowa Disaster Fund, he filmed a video with the help of skillful artistans working with the PGA Tour. It’s designed to encourage people from around the country and world to contribute to Embrace Iowa.

If you’re from Cedar Rapids and Iowa, I don’t know how you can’t find this to be moving.

It is nine minutes long, and it’s well worth your time. Here’s is the link:



2 responses to “Terrific Zach Johnson Video on the Flood at PGATour.com

  1. Thanks for the link, Mike! Very nice video. Great job by Zach and the PGA tour for bringing a spotlight to the horror of the flood.

  2. Very inspiring video. It is nice when people who are in the public eye can use their fame to help others.

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