Jon Stewart on Politicans Pandering to Sports Fans

How unfortunate for all of us that the World Series participants are the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays.

Nothing against those two teams. They’ve done nothing to offend, and both have actually been admirable with the way they’ve built their rosters and played the game. But they’re both from swing states, Pennsylvania and Florida. Which means they’re “in play” as far as presidential and vice presidential candidates are concerned.

That means pandering.

Leave it to “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” to skewer John McCain, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin for all doing just that. It’s an equal-opportunity bash, so no one need take any offense at the Hlog being the messenger.

As of Wednesday noon, the video was on the home page of

Go there first. But if the video has been pulled by the time you see this post, go here (I’d have sent you to YouTube, but couldn’t find the clip there), and be aware there’s a left-side bias at this site:

Some would say Stewart and his show have a left-side bias, too. But the guy’s smart and funny, rare combinations in political jibber-jabber from either side or the center.


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