Shonn Greene for Heisman Consideration a Campaign With Odds Stacked Against It

People in Iowa Hawkeye Land see no reason why Iowa running back Shonn Greene wouldn’t get included in the Heisman Trophy conversations at this point in the season

Their logic is reasonable. Greene is already over 1,000 rushing yards. He is averaging 162 yards and 6.5 yards per carry in Big Ten games.

But at this stage, just getting his name into the “also receiving votes” end of it is a tough enough hurdle. Reasons:

1. Iowa is 5-3.

2. Though his numbers are tailing off a bit and his team got walloped by Ohio State Saturday, Michigan State running back Javon Ringer is still mentioned in Heisman talk. It’s just out of politeness now, but Ringer’s name was in a lot of Heisman watches around the country Sunday, and Greene’s wasn’t. It doesn’t help that the Spartans beat Iowa when they met, though Greene was the more prolific back that day.

3. It’s a quarterback year. With a national television audience, Texas’ Colt McCoy was superb against Missouri. McCoy, already a national name, completed 29 of 32 passes as the Longhorns dissected Missouri, 56-31. He is the frontrunner after consecutive sterling efforts in wins against Oklahoma and Missouri. Greene has to go off against Penn State in three weeks to make a remotely similar impact.

On top of that, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford would probably be No. 2 to McCoy were the voting done today. Bradford has been tremendous week after week, even in OU’s loss to Texas.

4. Iowa hasn’t defeated a Top 25 team. It hasn’t played on national TV. Some Big Ten fans are just starting to get acquainted with Greene, so you know they aren’t in the South, East or West.

5. The Hawkeyes don’t play this week. The momentum Greene has with Heisman voters who are aware of his exploits will stall until things resume at Illinois next week. Iowa has to win that game, by the way, for Greene to be more than a novelty nationally. Then you worry about Penn State.

6. Greene had zero preseason buildup or name-recognition. It’s probably the reason why Iowa’s Brad Banks finished second to  USC”s Carson Palmer instead of vice versa for the 2002 Heisman. Never mind that Palmer probably deserved it. Had America known Banks and had Palmer come from nowhere instead of the other way around, Banks would have been Iowa’s second Heisman winner.

So … Greene for the Heisman is a long, long longshot. So what? It doesn’t diminish a single thing he’s done, and it certainly doesn’t dampen any of the warm feelings Hawkeye fans have about his play. And if he continues on his current path and gets that national love in the final month of the season, it’s unexpected gravy.


9 responses to “Shonn Greene for Heisman Consideration a Campaign With Odds Stacked Against It

  1. Exactly. At this point, there is nothing that he or the team can do but go out and perform and not worry about it. If they win, if he keeps performing, and if they line keeps opening holes for him, then they might start paying attention. And he deserves a lot of credit for giving credit to the O-Line. That alone reflects very well on his maturity.
    The old saying goes something to the effect of, take care of your own, don’t worry about anybody else. We have several big games coming up. Let’s go get them.

  2. Iowa didn’t lose to Ohio State ? Shonn Greene deserves everything he’s done !!! To come back and perform @ Big Ten Level Is Amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike, read it again. I didn’t say Iowa lost to Ohio State, I said Michigan State did.

    If Greene goes wild against Illinois and Penn State, he gets his name in the Heisman mix.

  4. espn2 isnt national tv? i saw the game here in virginia beach. if the media would start mentioning his name more, which he definately deserves, then that trip to ny is without a doubt.

  5. Brian J. Redshaw

    Shonn should definitely be considered for the Heisman but he faces an uphill battle. Iowans get dissed all across the nation in many ways. Population-wise our media market is limited by national standards. Just look at the attention the Irish get even in a losing year. Regardless of the Committee’s votes, he still gets my vote.
    He is one talented runner who is complemented by a talented offensive line and first-class coaching.

  6. Iowa just beat #3 Penn State and they played a great game and the media should deffinately mention Shonn Greenes name alot more because he deserves it and he should be in the Heisman race

  7. In my opinion, Shonn Greene has all rights to the Heisman Trophy this year. Even if he doesn’t get the trophy, HE HAS ANOTHER YEAR!!!! I mean if hes smart and stays in college, HE STILL HAS ANOTHER CHANCE. I mean with him already getting votes for the race, he will have alot of publicity and will probably have alot better chance next year. But still he deserves it just as much as any colt mccoy or the idiot javon ringer. BTW Iowa’s defense shut down ringer to less than 100 yds. rushing. And Greene just had another 100+ rushing game against purdue, 211 yds. to be exact, he should be HEISMAN WINNER!

  8. I think Greene has won the Heisman with his stats but he is not respected because he is from Iowa. If colty or any other of thoses quaterbacks played in the big ten they would have been knocked out the first or second game because they are whimps. Greene has racked up over 100 yards in each game in three quaters not 4 like javon ringer. go hawks

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